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Welcome to the home of Georgia's Arbor Day!


Georgia's Arbor Day 2013 will be celebrated on Friday, February 15th

The best time to plant trees in Georgia is between the months of November and mid-March. Planting during this time allows trees a chance to become established before the hot, dry period of summer. This is why Arbor Day is celebrated every year in Georgia on the third Friday of February.

Visit “The Grove” to find out how you can plant trees to commemorate special life moments and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. 

Guidelines for Planting Tree Seedlings:

This PDF on the proper planting of hardwood seedlings can be downloaded, printed and cut in thirds to be distributed with seedlings at local seedling give-away events or Arbor Day ceremonies

Check out the links above for information on Arbor Day and ways that you, your family, community or business can take part in leaving a lasting legacy for future generations by planting a tree.


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